Reflections and minimalism in the photographs of Ziqian Liu

Monday January 13 16.22 GMT

Reflections and minimalism in the photographs of Ziqian Liu

Ziqian Liu She is a Chinese photographer who builds a solid career in the world of contemporary art with her delicate images.

The creative was titled in communication management, however, she chose a different direction: capture moments.

Sophisticated and minimalist It presents clean scenarios with flowers, fruits and female figures.

But also another of its characteristics are the mirrors and reflexes

Thus, his art is personal, intimate. With it he wants the viewer to see beyond.

The sensations and emotions it awakens are varied and infinite.

Self-taught, little by little he created an absolute signature in each of his pieces.

His compositions might seem simple, but they have deep visual beauty.

He currently lives in Beijing and continues his work that enjoys harmony, balance and aesthetics.

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