Suh Jeong Min, from traditional materials to contemporary art

Thursday, November 14 11.23 GMT

Suh Jeong Min, from traditional materials to contemporary art

Suh Jeong Min He is an artist whose work ranges from painting and sculpture.

uses a paper that originates from the bark of a tree, the mulberry tree, and that the Koreans use to make different items.

The traditional material is the basis with which the creative works and thus forms fabulous images.

The one born in Seoul on 1962 He studied painting at Chosun University and later Fine Arts at Kyeonggi University.

Its main tool is light and resistant at the same time.

Min's work is impressive in many ways, in addition to being thorough and thorough.

The geometry and free forms predominates in different pieces, another aspect is the harmony that transmits in most of his work.

Timelessness arises because it is not known if it is old or new art, it has classic and modern points.

He participates in individual and collective exhibitions that make him an internationally outstanding artist.

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