Saturnino Herrán: The young muralist of enormous Mexican heritage

Tuesday October 08 11.42 GMT

Saturnino Herrán: The young muralist of enormous Mexican heritage

Saturnino Herrán He poured into his work the deep love he felt for his homeland and his people.

Precursor of muralism, only 31 lived years. However, his work transcended time.

Since childhood he showed great skill and talent. His favorite subjects were the everyday scenes, women or workers.

He masterfully toured the existing mixture in every sense of his land.

El indigenismo and miscegenation They were central throughout their trajectory.

Experts point it out as remarkable in terms of custom realism and teacher of Mexican modernism

Root Lover

Saturnino Efrén de Jesús Herrán Guinchard, was born in Aguascalientes a July 9 from 1887.

He studied at the National School of Fine Arts in the capital.

While many traveled to Europe to soak up the avant-garde, Herrán immersed himself in the deep roots of his culture.

There he found not only the essence of his country, but of himself. Once he fully adopted his cultural identity, his work was strengthened.

His painting became increasingly bright and remarkable.

He lived the transition between the Rural and urban Mexico I loved it.

He married Rosario Arellano (a model in some of his works, among which Tehuana stands out) and José Francisco Herrán Arellano, his only son, was born from the marriage.

Sometimes he didn't have the resources to get oil, so he turned to watercolors or pencils, no matter the material, one of his biggest priorities was art.

He even made various illustrations and vignettes, whether in books and magazines to survive.

He passed away early, the 8 October 1918, as a result of an operation of gastric disease.

He never saw a sample of his, but in 1919 the first one dedicated to the artist was organized as a posthumous tribute.

He was undoubtedly one of the best Mexican painters, with all that that implies.