Three sculptures to reflect on the direction of humanity
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Three sculptures to reflect on the direction of humanity

Muchos artists In addition to contributing their style and seal to the expressions in which they are developed, they add something else.

Reflection, ways to create awareness and awaken a positive change in others.

Here three sculptures that leave us a lot to analyze.

Rumors of War

The sculptures equestrian They are part of the story, many find inspiration and others observe them imposing.

Kehinde Wiley performed Rumors of War which recalls the traditional pieces, but with a contemporary touch.

The rider is a young African-American dressed in an urban and current way.

Same that was exhibited in Times Square, to reflect how far that warlike attitude has taken us and, above all, what else can it cause.

Sculptures Photo by:

Sculptures Photo by:

The Last Lockdown

Dan Crumrine and Sean Leonard Together with other creatives they made 10 sculptures that seek to create awareness.

This after the shooting that took place at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in 2018.

The protagonist is a terrified child under his desk.

Schools must be safe places, however, in U.S.A. Students cannot fully enjoy peace of mind.

Sculptures Photo by:

Sculptures Photo by:

Behind the Walls

Jaume Plensa He proposes a moving sculpture in which a person covers his eyes, as if he did not want to see what happens.

The piece of 7.5 meters high is the pretext to think about what happens with society and know if we want to continue in the same way or change course.

Spanish sometimes uses art as a means to launch issues such as globalization and human condition.

Sculptures Photo by:

Sculptures Photo by:

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