Flores: the unexpected collaboration between Pedro Almodóvar and Jorge Galindo

December 06, 2019 at 12:50 p.m.

Flores: the unexpected collaboration between Pedro Almodóvar and Jorge Galindo

More than forty paintings make up Flowers, the exhibition with which Pedro Almodóvar surprises in a new facet, accompanied by Jorge Galindo.

These two Spanish artists presented their collaboration in Madrid's Tabacalera space.

The exhibition was curated by Rafael Doctor, who also encouraged them to work together.

For Almodóvar it is the first time he ventures into the world of painting.

Although Galindo refers to the filmmaker's use of color in your movies as pictorial.

Dialogues between cinema and painting


Pedro Almodóvar and Jorge Galindo began to collaborate creatively from the commission of a drawing.

The filmmaker asked the painter for a piece that would be key to his movie Pain and Glory.

But they already had years of relationship for being Almodóvar collector of Galindo's work.

To make the drawing in question, there were flower pots nearby, and according to Galindo that triggered the collaboration.

Well, the reason connected with the still life photographs Pedro Almodóvar has been doing and exhibiting for years.

Large scale color


Jorge Galindo was the one who made the first studies in watercolor and suggested to Almodóvar Work large format tables.

The paintings take as starting point the photographs of Almodóvar.

But these are expanded and intervened with the gestures of the two artists.

The largest piece of the sample is Wild Bouquet II, a still life of eleven by six meters, which gives an idea of ​​the dimensions in which they have worked.

Thus, the artists privileged a very gestural painting process, close to action painting.

It was a surprise for Almodóvar to discover himself using colors that do not usually appear in the color palettes of his films.

In addition to the pictorial process, Pedro Almodóvar and Jorge Galindo were involved in the assembly of the pieces.

The exhibition will remain open to the public until January of 2020.
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