A tour of five cities to enjoy street art

Wednesday November 13 15.08 GMT

A tour of five cities to enjoy street art

El street art It has long gained an unusual relevance, giving artists the opportunity to exhibit their work in different parts of the cities.

It is a perfect showcase for creative, in addition to embellishing the gray landscapes that prevail in the cities.

Here a tour of the places where you can enjoy a great offer in terms of forms of expression refers:

Mexico City

In that place they have a historical importance: Diego Rivera, José Clemente Orozco and David Alfaro Siqueiros that began the movement of muralism.

From then on, part of the art is enjoyed by the general public.

Nationals and foreigners intervene in the realization and contemplation of art.


In that place the amount of Street art It is impressive, there are even tours to explore it.

Art lovers will find the ideal place to go, which already has a particular charm.

What is observed in the streets is simply spectacular, it can be seen from works by emerging authors to the recognized Banksy.


Graffiti has acquired a remarkable force and Bogotá becomes a world reference in terms of the subject.

Artists and groups the streets flood with artistic expression.

Similarly there are foreigners like Crisp (Australian), among others who put their unique touch to the extraordinary landscape of the city.


One of the artistic capitals could not be left out. There the history and culture of street art is immense.

Neighborhoods and artists They contribute to make this destination something simply imposing on different levels.

The styles that can be seen are varied and the signatures multiple. Do not hesitate to explore the art of the streets.


You could say that it is a Outdoor museum, extraordinary messages and murals are seen everywhere.

Creatives want to put a little of their work and themselves in one of the most important cities.

Meanwhile, tourists greatly enjoy every corner of the iconic city.

Without a doubt a delight for the senses.

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