Yuni Yoshida a surreal, provocative and amazing photographer

Monday, August 12, 12.30 GMT

Yuni Yoshida a surreal, provocative and amazing photographer

Yuni Yoshida is a japanese artist that experience, play, risk and win the international recognition.

This photographer performs compositions primarily surreal, But it also works with different forms and techniques.

This is how Yoshida's images are amazing, provocative and clearly with a unrivaled style.

And that they inspire in female figures or food. It doesn't matter exactly.

The results are equals, Amazing!

Impeccably provocative

Yoshida collaborates with advertising campaigns and never neglects his interests and aesthetics.

For her the colors, shades and textures They are a hook.

Although another of its characteristics is that visually captivate, surprise and attract to the observer

Either silhouettes defined or real mixed with pixels or maybe one Take fantastic.

No doubt your job is always impeccable and provocative.

In addition, it attracts the attention of a very wide audience.

Finally it is not surprising that we continue to hear from her and especially enjoy her unusual photos.