The duality of Christian Tagliavini, between baroque and digital art
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The duality of Christian Tagliavini, between baroque and digital art

Christian Tagliavini is a photographer that performs extravagant yet exquisite Pictures.

El Italian-Swiss was born in 1971 And I study graphic design, since then stands out for its extraordinary compositions.

It has a remarkable influence of the Renaissance, Baroque and Jules Verne.

He likes to tell stories with open endings in order to engage in dialogue and complicity with the observer (s).

Masterfully handles the traditional and digital art, so they live harmoniously in each piece of Tagliavini.

The combination of elements also show the exhaustive research in art history behind the images.

Without neglecting the contemporary touch he prints, as well as the versatility of his work.

The plastic orientation is remarkable, but above all the resignification of aesthetics in general and the refinement it has achieved over the years.

Your photos are simply fantastic.

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