When tree houses are not just a child's play

Tuesday, November 12 13.32 GMT

When tree houses are not just a child's play

The housing of tree they were traditionally built so that the children of the family had their own den.

Away from adults they could have their own space, a universe just for them and their imagination.

However, there are those who take this further, so here are some extraordinary examples.

Treehouse of mirrors in Sweden

A hotel in that country had the idea of ​​building a room with all the amenities, in the comfort of a tree.

The exterior was built by mirrors, so the cube It seems to disappear among the vegetation by reflecting every detail of the landscape.

The experience is worth it for those who enjoy nature.

Tree House, Canada

Joel Allen, A Canadian decided that he wanted to live in harmony with his surroundings, so he built an unconventional house.

Egg-shaped and made of local materials is located in Whistler, British Columbia.

The owner released images, but their location is unknown exactly.

Tree houses in Japan

Takashi Kobayashi is a designer who took the traditional landscape far beyond the subject.

He made around 120 houses in different parts of the country, thus innovating in a radical way.

The environmental balance was its central axis throughout all the projects.

Tree House, Argentina

Paschetta Cavallero Arquitectos designed a multipurpose space, a little wider than small children's houses.

The more elaborate stairs connect to the floor in a better way.

It is located in Santa Fe, and offers incredible views to its visitors.

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