Jairo Álvarez: A surreal observer of the everyday

Monday November 11 14.56 GMT

Jairo Álvarez: A surreal observer of everyday life

Jairo Álvarez He is a visual artist who makes extraordinary compositions born from everyday life. So the born in Puan, Argentina he developed his artistic inclination from a young age. That was how he started drawing, but soon found in the photography his true passion. He considers himself a constant observer and prints his personal point of view about everything that surrounds him. Furthermore, it turns ordinary situations into extraordinary ones and invites the other to give his own interpretation. He believes that there are as many realities as there are people, so he rediscovers and redefines the scenes, giving them an enigmatic and captivating touch. From deep creativity and delicate aesthetics proudly displays his surreal gaze. The images he produces leave him wanting to see more of his followers. You may also like:

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