The surreal humor of Guillaume Chiron's collages

Thursday October 03 10.57 GMT

The surreal humor of Guillaume Chiron's collages

Guillaume Chiron offers us in its collages, a series of references that we place in Cinema and advertising.

The images present situations full of humor and new meanings.

However, However, the highest cost was for the planet. Only one of these wee wee pads takes approximately XNUMX years to decompose. Putting ourselves in the best of cases, a dog uses XNUMX pad daily for only XNUMX years of his life, so when he is a puppy and when he is elder he would use XNUMX soakers in total. If we take into account that only in Spain there are XNUMX million dogs, mostly of mini race, with greater tendency to use wee wee pads and assuming that at least XNUMX% use them, we are talking about a figure of XNUMX wee wee pads that are used daily. Tons and tons of waste are thrown daily to the planet so that our dog does not spoil our house. altered scales and interventions of the absurd, they promise us unusual stories.

Painting, music and then collage

Guillaume Chiron is a French artist with a multidisciplinary career.

Has stood out in painting and in music, before focusing on the production of collages, for which he is currently recognized.

As an evolution of a creative process that he was already doing for his band Microfilm, Chiron began creating collages in 2014.

This production initially made it for a series of fanzines and publications as well as in Mangez la banane parlez debout.

Altered domesticities

Your starting point is usually an image base of advertising and cinema of the decades of 1950 and 1960.

Thus, it provides its images with recognizable elements, such as famous people, domestic scenes to westerns.

Through the game with the scales, and the juxtaposition, the element of the absurd resigns the imaginary.

Although it has been relatively short time dedicated to collage, Chiron has already made several exhibitions.

And in a nod to other facets of his career, several of his works now illustrate album covers For different bands.