The phobias, addictions and loves of Sigmund Freud

Wednesday, May 06 14.09 GMT

A day like today, but from 1856, was born Sigmund Freud, father of psychoanalysis and one of the greatest intellectual figures of the XNUMXth century.

Through the use of the word, Freud delved into the depths of the mind and revolutionized the way of treating mental problems of those times and until today.

In his 164th name day, we tell you some curious facts about the Austrian neurologist.

The best assistant in consultations

Jofie, Freud's dog Chow Chow He played an important role in the life of the psychoanalyst, who accompanied him even to give consultation, and even served as his watch, because when he got up, it was time to finish therapy.

"I prefer the company of animals to human, they are simpler," said Freud.

His meeting with Salvador Dalí

After several attempts to interview Freud, whom he deeply admired, on July 19, 1938, Salvador Dalí managed to cross words with the father of psychoanalysis, but Freud's reaction was not what the artist expected.

Although Sigmund admired the work of the Spanish, he did not see beyond that and by Dalí's more attempts to get Freud to read an article he would have written about paranoia, the Austrian was even somewhat indifferent to the Cubist genius.

Your phobias

The number 69 generated in Freud a total panic, therefore he avoided at all costs staying in that room number or any event in which these two numbers crossed.

Ferns also created fear in the doctor.

Routines man

Freud had lunch every day at one in the afternoon, at the end, he went for a walk three kilometers always following the same route. He only had three suits, three underwear changes, and three pairs of shoes.

These details made it clear that he was a man of routine and very simple.

His addiction to cocaine

Around 1880 Freud met cocaine, a drug that was supplied to soldiers in war to motivate them. He started consuming it to know its benefits and discovered that it improved his digestion, disappeared his migraines and improved his mood. At the age of 40 he decided to leave her when he discovered that his consumption diminished his intellectual abilities.

Withering tobacco

Freud was also addicted to tobacco, he is said to have smoked 20 cigarettes a day. Over time, his addiction caused cancer of the mouth, which is why they had to remove part of his jaw, however, the problem continued and required 33 more surgeries until they finally placed a prosthesis.

Did you know?

He was a big fan of Miguel de Cervantes de SaavedraSo much so that he learned Spanish to be able to read “Don Quixote te de la Mancha” in its original language and thus not lose any detail of the narration.