19S: Rubble in the soul of two photojournalists

Thursday, September 19 12.07 GMT

19S: Rubble in the soul of two photojournalists

Yes, Mexico, the September 19 is a date that is marked by tragedy.

Two earthquakesone in 1985 and another 2017, they shook Mexico City.

For many people he changed his life suddenly. Literally, in an instant everything was cimbró.

And as a nation, it is a day in which one remembers that against nature nobody can.

As well as the ephemeral life.

The work of photojournalist consists Register images

No matter how raw they are. Even now someone has to shoot the camera.

Sergio Dorantes

The morning of 19 September 1985 Dorantes began a work that would conclude until 2 in the morning.

His photographs were devastating. He captured scenes that seemed drawn from a horror novel.

His work was already recognized, it covered the Salvadoran guerrillas or deforestation in Central America.

After an investigation he conducted about drug trafficking in 2003, he was accused of murdering his ex-wife. In 2008 he was issued a formal prison order and even 2012, he was released and his innocence proved.

The analog-to-digital photo change was lost and today it fights with the NGO "Guilty without evidence" for those who suffer from something similar.

Wesley Bocxe

Bocxe is a American photojournalist which arrived a day after the 85 earthquake, direct from New York to cover the fact.

I had 25 years. and the images he captured changed his life.

In 1998 he returned to the country and met his wife, Elizabeth Esguerra Rosas.

They decided to settle in Mexico City and at 2011 they had their only daughter, Amara.

32 years later the couple was on the 7º floor of their home, Amsterdam 107 in the Condesa neighborhood.

She passed away and he woke up after a month of a coma and with 18 fractures. His daughter was safe.

Definitely a date that would mark it for life. He decided to return to his country.