When comics took over the film industry

Friday, September 20 19.07 GMT

When comics took over the film industry

La film industry It's a thousand-headed monster that never stops.

He knows he has a public varied that is increasingly demanding and critical.

That is why it has to evolve yes or yes.

Technology, special effects, scripts, performances and products improve over time.

One of the audiences who come to the rooms again and again are those who enjoy and are comics fans.

Comics, a big jump

Traditionally that type of tape was left to Children and adolescents, who were the captive spectators.

But in recent years this trend changed.

Adaptations of this genre are guarantee at the box office. A boys and adults began to interest.

The producers were looking for stories that they could catch with fashion protagonists.

The versions were mutating on different occasions.

We have as examples films such as Sin City, V for Vendetta, Batman, X-Men, Superman, The Avengers, where superheroes prevail.

However, in this 2019 the formula and the panorama changed.

With the movie premiere Joker Comic tapes took an impressive turn.

Although director Todd Phillips argues that it was not based on the original story.

It resulted in an extraordinary film in which the protagonist is the villain, a villain masterfully played by Joaquin Phoenix.

Set in the New York of 1981, it shows the youth and dark portrait of the central character.

Already recognized and awarded with different awards, the last was the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival.

Site in which generally these materials had not been considered.

Undoubtedly, this genre took a leap that leaves a high rod for subsequent ones.