This interview reveals more clues about Banksy's identity

Tuesday July 09 13.29 GMT

This interview reveals more clues about Banksy's identity

Banksy is a artist subversive and rebellious that from the beginning of his career in the 80, he maintains his identity in anonymity.

But this does not prevent it from being recognized and keep valid in the artistic and social environment.

Recently, an 2003 interview conducted by the journalist was rescued Haig Gordon en London.

In it, Gordon converses with Banksy (who appears with his face covered). However, at the end of it, the talk continues and without masks.

Gordon remembers relaxed and friendly, He also believes that anonymity plays a lot in his favor.

But he also admits that he does not know for sure if it was the real Banksy.

The scholars of the subject have thrown the name of Robert CunninghamLike identity of the artist.

Although another one of the theories of who Banksy is, the name of Robert Del Naja (group member Massive Attack).

This is because the journalist who interviewed him has closely followed the path of Banksy and has found coincidences between the murals of artist and the places where the band.

In the same way there are those who affirm that Banksy it's really a collective of artists.

So far the interview can be a track, but the trail is still in the air.

The protest, the Banksy stamp

Challenger, often represents satires of the pop culture, politics, ethics or morality.

Su nonconformity modules with the CANTONI It is evident and art has been his ally to show the world his protest.

An example is the complaint of the atrocious situation of the refugees, fact that as a society should make us uncomfortable.

Incisor and acute at 2010 he was director of documentary British-American Departure through the gift shop that addresses the story of a French immigrant en Los Angeles that faces the art of this city.

He too author of books has broken into museums like the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art, New York) or the British museum (London) to place some of his pieces clandestinely.

His work has not been saved, he has suffered attacks of vandalism and criticism has sometimes been severe with the artist, but this has not stopped him.

Provocative, he has explored the photography, video, installation and sculpture.

The urban artist even had an appearance in the Simpson.

It can not be denied that he is one of the most modern artists influential.

Mysterious, has the virtue of connect with the public.

Whether we like it or not, we must recognize that we have penetrated the artistic scene and seek to be different.