A tour of the highlights of LGBT history

Friday July 19 15.45 GMT

A tour of the highlights of LGBT history

Of eroticism and loves LGBT

Among the LGBT pieces are: A bust of the Roman emperor Adriano and your partner (slave) Antinous. But also an amphora of Athenian wine with erotic images of men together. The Ladies of Llangollen (Lady Eleanor Butler and Sarah Ponsonby). Cups and plates around 200 years old that belonged to the Irish couple. In addition, there are writings of the poet Safo in which it is presumed they had a dedication to their disciples. The oldest is a pebble from the Judean desert of 11 a thousand years. This work is called Ain Sakhri Lovers, in it couples are seen having relationships, without distinguishing gender.

The Holy Grail of LGBT history

However, there is one particular piece to highlight, the Warren Cup which is known as the holy grail of LGBT history, a vital link for the gay community. In the silver Roman cup Two pairs of men are seen having sex. Found in Bethlehem around the 1999st century AD. C. It was first owned by the collector Ned Warren and later acquired by the museum in 70. There are also more recent objects such as LGBT campaign badges from the XNUMXs to the present day or a deck of drag Queens by Otsuka Takashi. Since Egyptian papyri but also Roman reliefs This guide takes you through a rich and interesting journey because it is the sexual diversity that, in the end, is part of the history of humanity.