The Japanese artist Yusuke Asai continues creating large-scale installation. Although Asai usually works with organic forms and elements, like mud or plants, this time he decided to use paper. His installation was placed in the Arataniurano Gallery in Tokyo, and will stay there until December 20, 2015. The installation is made of paper, and is painted with various geometric patterns in blue. The patterns range from floral elements, to symbols of animals, and they are placed on white paper, which seems a cobweb. The installation seems to extend even to the viewers.

According to Yusuke Asai, the piece makes the viewer be part of the work and feel saturated by it. The animals we found in his work are birds, lizards and snakes among others, however, it is necessary the attention of the viewer to appreciate them.

Source and images: Yusuke Asai

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