Yolka: A Year after the Beginning

Yolka is a family, a surprise and a explosion of life, but before all, Yolka is a design collective formed in 2013 by three graphic designers proudly graduated from the UNAM – FES Acatlan (National University of Mexico) who have the aim to create wildlife artwork and endemic flora that exalt and portray the essence of some missing or endangered species run with the same fate. If with this they are not trying to conquer the world, the world is being conquered by them involuntarily.


© Yolka

During an interview with our collaborator, Coral Flores, Fran, Jim and Bryan left us discover what lies behind the graphics tablets and pens of Yolka (from the Nahuatl word Yolcatl  which means animal). The project produces limited series of illustrations, decorative items and clothing full of complexity and passion. In the words of Jim, being of entrepreneurs was not included from the beginning, however, arose for the commitment and desire to do something about the theme they address. For Fran, the intention is to represent what we have and are losing by the growth of the urban area and the demand for spaces that do not belong to the human species. Bryan saw in Yolka the opportunity to seclude from design trends and transform this cause in a lifestyle.


© Yolka

Sex, Art and feelings are just some of the inspirations that move Yolka’s engine. If there is anything the trio agree, is that true motivation comes from within; friends, idols creative and life itself become factors involved and boost graphic production of the team, the product of a research and brainstorming passing through the critical eye of Jim. Satisfaction comes day to day, so that, the members of Yolka remember, as if it were yesterday, the first design bazaar that participated; each workshop they teach and every product they sell is for them a time of learning and personal enrichment, with it comes the constant challenge of creating something new, techniques to satiate their hunger for creation. Yolka Mx celebrates its first year of life and in a way of hindsight, Fran hits recognizing his fear at first, but says: “This is about living doing what one likes to do and that is a constant challenge.”

Source and images: YOLKA

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