William Blake belonged to that lineage of enlightened men, whose spirit soared far beyond of the   intellectual and artistic thinking of his time. Of multifaceted personality, Blake, born on August, 12 1757 in London, was a Romantic poet, painter, and engraver, in a time that was still steeped in Classicism. He was aware that visible things were just a small part of the essence of the world, and that creator’s message could be read, or codify through symbols. With this conviction, both his prints and poems, display a vast symbolism that speaks to the viewer of his own condition and his relationship with God.  His most famous illustration was The Great Red Dragon, and his most significant poem is The Marriage of Heaven and Hell. For Blake, imagination was the hub of life, so he was often considered crazy. However, his ideal was to conceive the world as a double vision, ie, seeing far beyond of what is offered by physical world, capturing it with the eye of spirit and creative mind.

Images: ©William Blake Legacy

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