Habitat 07 is a green house in the town of Baie Saint-Paul , in the municipality of Quebec, which has been built by the group Global Waste Companions, composed of  French and Canadian architects, designers and developers. Habitat 07 is integrated into the landscape on the shores of the Saint Lawrence River. It is made with materials and tools brought nearby. The wood used for this property is reused, or comes from certified forests felling, the walls are made of straw and hemp concrete, has a green roof and runs on solar and wind energy, in addition to a system of purifying reeds for treating wastewater. This house aims to demonstrate that it is possible to successfully complete a project based on sustainable alternatives, ie, building an autonomous, comfortable house, with long life and a contemporary design, which requires only willpower and a few savings that will eventually, show that a home like this is more economical and efficient than a standard one.

Source and images: ©Hábitat 07, ©Latourneeverte

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