The auctioneer Phillip’s raised a sale of $ 78.618 million. Of the 13 pieces that exceeded $ 1 million, four were sold over $ 4 million and reached $ 30 million. The evening reached its climax with “Four Marilyns” (1962) the famous pop artist Andy Warhol, where the iconic American actress with bold colors. The first time was auctioned at Sotheby’s (1998) earned a total of $ 2,312,500, while on Wednesday added the amount of $ 38.245 million. Another work of Warhol, offered was “Flowers” (1964), acquired for $ 2.461 million by Kristy Bryce, director of the private gallery Eykyn Maclean Yorker. The third work auctioned was the icon of contemporary art “Blue / Green Mariyn From Reversal Series” (1979-1986) which earned almost $ 1.5 million. Surprised successful sale of contemporary art. The auction began with a Guyton Wade work entitled “U sculpture” (2007) which sold for $ 365,000 by telephone, followed by “Escalade” (2005-07) Nate Lowman’s, which was over $ 500,000. Among the celebrities featured in the auction, he found the controversial Courtney Love who bought a bronze sculpture of Thomas Houseago at $ 209,000. Despite the success, “Untitled (Soap)” (1983-1984) of Basquiat did not get the expected gain. While it was trading between $ 5-7 million, barely reached $ 3.9 million. The CEO, Michael McGinnis, argued that this was because there were many works of Basquiat on the market today.

Source and images: © BLOUIN ARTINFO

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