Two of the most revolutionary designers of the early 21st-Century, are the Dutch Viktor Horsting (1968) and Rolf Snoeren (1968). They met while studying at the Academy of Art and Design in Holland and began working together a year after graduation. This design duo are known for their innovative cuts garments and contemporary edge. They presented their first collections in art galleries, but their career took greater force in 1993, after winning the International Fashion Festival in France. Their first designs kept trying to see if artists or fashion designers launched their online until ready-to-wear in fall 2000. Then sales took a turn and designs shelves occupied various U.S. stores. Viktor & Rolf is a luxury brand that is against the conventions and boundaries, transgress the routine, defying gravity and even the body. Their designs are accompanied by a clear styling full of fantasy difficult to understand. Aesthetics is the main feature of their design, functionality aside. Both designers usually mark a theater with huge dressing rooms, full of fantasy elements.

Source and images: © designers page, and magazine Hola.

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