Six years ago, Veronika Studer’s life changed abruptly: she lost her job and moved to another country. Then, she began to explore her tastes, and realized that she loved the kitchen. Later, she accidentally found in the web blogs of food, which showed  delicious creations perfectly photographed.  It was when Veronika decided to merge both tastes, and discover if she could have some luck. In the composition of her photographs tries to convey the stories of each dish, reflecting the colors of nature. Her images hiding a mystery… inviting the viewer to imagine the smell, color, texture and flavor of each dish. Two years ago, Veronika started a magazine for iPad on lifestyle and food called The Spoon, which is available on iTunes. The magazine contains delicious recipes and inspiring photos. Soon, it will be available through Amazon.

Source and images: ©Veronika Studer



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