When a woman articulates the plot of a dramatic piece , setting tables cringe. Many female characters that inhabit the theater and have created new archetypes have become the embodiment of a metaphor that represents a part of the human condition. We present four dramas where women embody a conflict transposing barriers Scene

Antigone in New York

The piece of Sophocles dramatizes the story of a woman torn between moral and civil duty as citizens of Thebes, which forbids burying the corpse of her brother for being an enemy of the city. The reworking of the Greek classic, Antigone in New York, by Polish Janusz Glowacki, moves the heroine of this conflict to the Big Apple, where Antigone is called Anita, an immigrant who lives on the street who is looking to give a decent burial to her partner away from mass graves aimed at the homeless.

The House of Bernarda Alba

It is a classic Spanish drama written by Federico Garcia Lorca. Bernarda Alba chooses to live the last years of her life in the most severe mourning and control each of the movements and the lives of her five daughters. As the play progresses, the viewer enters the soul of these women. The play revolves around conflict as envy, money and power.

Mother Courage

Bertold Brecht, the German playwright, wrote this piece with the intention of creating a rift in the reader and provide a reflection on the consequences of war. Historically located during the Thirty Years War, the conflict between Catholics and Protestants, Mother Courage is a merchant who protects her children and manages to overcome the obstacles of war to succeed. This story is an allegory of the humanitarian disaster following the Second World War.

August : Osage County

he theme for August is the troubled relationship between a mother and her three daughters, each with a different character and opposite ways of conceiving the family ties. The play begins the day the father of the three sisters leaves home. The mother, a woman addicted to pills, tries to keep the family afloat, but gradually, the coexistence brings to light the problems that were never resolved, and the truths that are kept silent for years. This work by Tracy Letts won the Pulitzer Prize in 2013 and was recently adapted for the big screen with Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep as protagonists.

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