Li Wei (Hubei, China, 1970) is a photographer who defies gravity. His work mixes photography with the performance. His works seem to be retouched by Photoshop, however are photographs by means of mirrors, metal wires and scaffolding that help him to create these shocking and unimaginable images. Most of his models are acrobats and even he is one of the protagonists of his photographic series. They are representations of how he would feel: free and unfettered. Therefore made ​​impossible situations that can only think of superhero comics. Li Wei’s photographs may seem funny but address different theme, from gender relations to political issues. Through mirrors, Li Wei has been able to express his thoughts, experiences and address social issues that occur in our daily lives. He has managed to defy the public’s perception jeopardizing the reality and truth. His photographs describe the current situation of man: everything is unstable, everything is dangerous, life can be uncertain, but at least in the universe of Li Wei, also can be supernatural.

Li Wei has exhibited in Paris, Hong Kong, Madrid, Denmark, Taiwan, Seoul, Beijing, the U.S. and Italy.

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