The artist Aaron Koblin and Janet Echelman joined their talents on the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of TED to create a monumental interactive sculpture in the sky. Suspended 765 feet between buildings of downtown Vancouver, Canada, this floating canvas is activated by means of mobile devices through which visitors can paint light rays, raindrops and scribbles to sculpture. Koblin explains that Unnumbered Sparks, works as a large web page divided into five HD projectors, and through Javascript records user movements and turns them into pixels. Autodesk designed a special 3D software for Echelman, to achieve this ambitious project. Together they created a form of art where the viewer may be part of the creation. Below yo can see a video where the artists explain how was conducted the project:

“Choreographing light on the sculpture to play with the sky.”

Source: © Unnumbered Sparks, images: © ichan026 © Janet Echelman

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