Very close to the Arctic Circle, TreeHotel opened in 2010. It was designed by architects Martin Videgard, Bolle Tham and Martin&Gustav Cyrén, and its architecture about respecting the local ecosystem and generate a minimal environmental impact. The project began with the creation of 5 rooms, but now has 5 more. All rooms are located on the typical pine site, each with a different concept: The Cabin (a small capsule for 2 people), The Mirrorcube (a cube with mirrored walls camouflage style), The Bird’s Nest (similar a nest), the Blue Cube (a log cabin for 4 people), The UFO (a modern construction that resembles a UFO) and The Tree sauna (sauna at floor level).

The hotel TreeHotel is the integration of nature, comfort and modern design, a clear trend of new hotels nowadays.

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