Located in the East End London, a neighborhood where are mixes stories and legends, the Town Hall Hotel & Apartments is a complex outstanding with the urban landscape. It is located in a spectacular historic building which was constructed in early 20th-Century, originally known as Bethnal Green Town Hall. At the end of 2010, restoration and intervention project that was submitted to, ended to host an exclusive hotel with 98 rooms and apartments, 7 lounges, and a bar and high cuisine restaurant, directed by the famous chef Nuno Mendes. Its concept was developed by the hotelier Loh Peng, who also is known by the New York Majestic in Singapore, who called the French firm Rare Architecture to design the refurbishment plan. In this way, in which once was a social center, was possible to fusion Art Deco elements with contemporary furniture, and advanced technology. The interior design of each room was in charge of Makemei Studio; among its main characteristics highlight the natural illumination as main element and the preference for open spaces. Inside of the hotel, besides of the apartments, that give the chance to feel as in home, there is a gym, a pool, and a cocktails bar.

Source and images: Town Hall Hotel and Design Hotels

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