The dancer’s body is simply the luminous manifestation of the soul. Isadora Duncan

Dance is an essential part of man since prehistoric times people dance to express feelings, externalize fears, confront fears and understand what is beyond reason. Dance in recent years has been fundamental to art and has made more than one to think about the nature of the dance, the body moving in the end, becomes one and irreplaceable. In this top 5 we present five women who have left their mark in the world of dance through their body and choreography.

1. Isadora Duncan. Known as the mother of modern dance, she was a dancer with her own revolutionary style managed to have great influence worldwide. Her style of ballet avoided stiffness and defended the idea of ​​free spirit in dance.

2. Pina Bausch. Learning to observe others in their daily lives was the biggest inspiration for choreographer and dancer Pina Bausch, her dance merges with life itsel , giving rise to parts that are generated from life experiences and this form invites each viewer to participate with the dancers.

3. Sylvie Guillem. Of French origin, is one of the most versatile dancers in the world of dance. Each of her performances manage to pass into history. She has played classical, modern and contemporary, in addition to being an agent of inspiration for more than a choreographer.

4. Sol Picó. Choreographer and dancer, her work is part of a line of mixing different genres where interact technique with precision and dynamism, based on the organic treatment of her creations.

5. Martha Graham. Considered the most important dancer of the 20th-Century, her contribution to dance has had a big influence on modern dance as Picasso in modern art. Therefore, she is called the Picasso of dance.

Source and images ©Isadora Duncan, ©Pina Bausch, ©Sylvie Guillem, ©Sol Picó, ©Martha Graham

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