Street art is a great emotional and socio-political denunciation of international human expression. There are many works on the streets, though not all have drawn attention to gain recognition in the art world . We present a Top 5 with our favorite street artists, with whom perhaps many readers will agree…

1. Banksy. This is the nikname of a British street artist famous for his satirical humor, pop culture and anonymity. He hides his identity to the general press. Banksy has published several books with photographs of his work in various cities with his paintings and exhibitions.

2 . Fafi . No other artist could reflect urban femininity such as her. Originally from Toulouse, France usually paints colorful dolls with very sensual features which she calls “fafinettes”. She also created a clothing line and has published two books.

3. Obey. Frank Shepard Fairey is a street artist and graphic designer, most famous for stickers with the image of the wrestler Andre the Giant and his designs that take elements of propaganda poster art of the 20th-Century. “Think and create, print and destroy” is one of his slogans.

4. Julian Beever. He is the second British who is part of this list, famous for his 3D drawings with chalk. He uses a method called “anamorphosis” with which creates this 3D optical illusion.

5. David Choe. “Life would be meaningless without the chaos, which is a sign of freedom. And if any of you were frightened by the imbalance and disorder, is unfit to admire the work of David Choe visual. Who is him? He is so much like you and me, except that he dares to say exactly what he thinks and also has a “dirty” style to express”, in the words of Fernanda Plancarte.

Source and images: ©Banksy, ©Fafi, ©Obey, ©Julian Beever, ©David Choe

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