Intentionally or not, art communicates. Sometimes it does more clearly than others, but in the end, if there is a receiver the message arrives. There are several ways to communicate ideas, but at the same time nowadays we suffer information overload. Technology makes us receive so many messages, that communication often becomes obsolete, a symbolic tower of Babel. We bring you top 5 artists who have performed installations that show the problem of communication through various means.

  1. Nam June Paik. The impact of Paik in video art and television has been great. In most installations he uses television as a medium and material, as is the case for Electronic Super Highway, which overlays the map of the U.S. with neon light to a shelf full of televisions on different channels.
  2. Cildo Meireles . This Brazilian artist is the bridge between the late 50s neoconcretism and the Brazilian conceptual art of the late 60s, has a clear idea of ​​the lost communication in the installation Tower of Babel, in which he stacked radios in different tunings without generate anything other than noise.
  3. Susan Stockwell. With her work Flood, the artist captures the essence of modern communication with a computer that goes from ceiling to floor, a communication cascade that ultimately does not go anywhere.
  4. Elise Morin and Clémence Eliard. Eventually, as almost all we have, the CD end up in the trash. Elise Morin and Clémence Eliard collect all those CDs and create Wastelandscape, an installations that manages a comprehensive and innovative approach to the life cycle of these products.
  5. Alicia Martin. Books books and more books. Alicia Martin makes a colorful waterfall in which the letters are the main medium.

Source and images: ©Nam June Paik, © Cildo Meireles, ©Susan Stockwell, ©Elise Morin and Clémence Eliard, ©Alicia Martin

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