Our life should depend only on human needs, however, the sense of need has changed so much because of wonderful inventions of which our existence depends. We can live perfectly well without many things and even, we are unhappy for not having them, but why, but there were a few years ago? This is a top 5 dedicated to those things that make us slaves, some more than others. What do you “need”?

  1. Money. It is a very crazy invention above to obtain food, clothing or home, things were obtained by sowing, as in nature there are all necessary elements to survive.
  2. Internet. The essential tool for many of our works. At first served us as a tool for research and communication, but today, we could not live without it.
  3. Mobile. If I forget your phone at home, do you spend your day thinking about that?
  4. Social Networks. They serve us to communicate, to send pictures to know what happens to our friends and colleagues, for stalker… some people if not updated their status in days, maybe feel weird.
  5. Junk food. It is one of the worst “sins” that are delicious and have such easy access, sometimes we consume without thinking about our health.

Source: ©Google Images

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