1. Xbox 720: VGleaks, one of the most popular portals in Internet technology, unveiled some new equipment specifications Microsoft, among its most striking features include eight-core processor, 1.6 GHz CPU, RAM 8GB 800MHz graphics card, USB 3.0 input, drive to Blu-ray and a Gb Ethernet. It is expected that the launch of the console is conducted in the E3 gaming trade show to be held in June.

2. Google Glass: By mid-2012, Google through the Google X Lab, demonstrated its faith in technological advances to give out its Google Glass project, some augmented reality glasses that outperform tablets and computers, and that allow users to check their email and social networks, have video, search, Google Maps enter, take pictures and capture videos, through a fully interactive and intelligent frame. Although it has been said that the project’s future is uncertain, recently announced that Sergey Brin, founder of Google, with the lenses tested in the New York subway, why has filtered its possible release date for June or July 2013. Meanwhile, the designer Diane von Furstenberg has proposed the lenses as the ideal accessory for spring / summer 2013.

3. PlayStation 4: Few official details about the possible features of PlayStation 4, Sony’s new console that has hopeful that all lovers of video games. The silence of the Japanese company has caused hundreds of speculations, including the launch of the PS4 would be in May 2013. However, in recent days have released rumors about his possible delay until 2014.

4. Hiriko Car: Sponsored by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the Hiriko Car is a new urban mobility concept that promotes a more comprehensive relationship between citizens and vehicles, especially in the most chaotic cities in the world where traffic, overpopulation and pollution have become major problems. The project began in 2010 with the objective of creating a single transport system fully electric and encourage the development of sustainable cities, social and intelligent. Its release date is planned for the first half of 2013, although its distribution is only in selected markets in
Europe and the United States.

Final video Global Launch Hiriko in Brussels from HIRIKO Driving Mobility on Vimeo.

5. BlackBerry 10: After being overshadowed by Apple and Samsung, the Canadian company Research in Motion (RIM) seeks revival with the launch of its new collection of devices and new OS Blackberry 10. Among the novelties, along with a much more effective platform called BlackBerry World, is the possibility of using eight applications while Flash content playback options-both impossible on an iPhone or iPad-and downloading films and records together its release in DVD and Blu-ray. The presentation and launching devices will take place on January 30 in New York, with simulcast in Toronto, London, Paris, Johannesburg and Dubai.

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