1. Chanel. The brand makes of its showcases, the best visual shows in the displays. The elements used are the finest modern. Take inspiration from different cultures and subcultures as typical presentations of Bolshoi, the climate and seasons trends.
  2. Dior. Is one of the most representative brands of the last sixty years, representing luxury in its showcases visual compositions that cross art always with a feminine and fresh touch.
  3. Printemps. Each year the showcases of this French store become small scenarios and tell a story or dream. They work hand in hand with fashion brands like Dior. In one of its most beautiful works, Dior  decorated Printemps windows with puppets dancing, flying and skate to the beat of the music.
  4. Harrods. Located on Brompton Road, in the heart of London, Harrods often makes a special excitement in all seasons when fashion is a special theme. Its showcases are full of color and life, dazzling the stunned Londoners.
  5. Alexander McQueen. Its showcases are a work of art in terms of the accommodation of its elements in the windows, and not mentioning the garments themselves are great works that decorate any space where they are placed.

Source and images: ©Chanel, ©Dior, ©Printemps, ©Harrods, ©Alexander McQueen.

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