The term design dates back to the Renaissance, and we owe its definition to treatises like Vasari, Alberti and Zuccari. Etymologically the word comes from designatio, which in Latin means to mark, identify and designate. For these writers  the design encompassed all the arts and that was carrying the sign of God, so that designers were taken as facilitators and intermediaries between God and other people. Here, we present you five of the best design schools through history:

5. Hochschule für Gestaltung: Founded in 1950 by Inge and Grete Scholl, proposes the creation of an institution of teaching and researching, linking creative activity to everyday life and that aims to assist in the cultural reconstruction of a society morally destroyed by the Nazis and World War II.

4.  Glasgow School: Gave rise to the group The Four (also known as the Spook School), Scottish platform of art nouveau, a move that inspired and gave life to the design in many ways.

3. New Bauhaus: Created in 1937, was the first school of industrial design in the U.S., as the Association of Arts and Industries of Chicago saw the need to establish a school of this type, and looked as director the Hungarian Lazlo Moholy – Nagy.

2. Arts and crafts: William Morris founded this movement that encompasses everything from churches to enamel brooches. The movement tried to respect the materials and how they were used. Retook the way to create of the Middle Ages and rejected the industrial revolution.

1. Bauhaus: Overrun words to describe this school that revolutionized the way of making art. Founded by Walter Gropius, was home to many of the great thinkers, both the design and art. Geniuses like Kandinsky, Johannes Itten, Oskar Schlemmer, Paul Klee and Lazlo Moholy-Nagy shared their vision of art in its walls.

Source and images: ©Hochschule für Gestaltung, ©Escuela de Glasgow, ©New Bauhaus, ©Arts and crafts, © Bauhaus

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