Los pabellones son construcciones que se diseñan para un evento en específico. La palabra proviene del francés papillon que quiere decir mariposa, haciendo referencia a la ligereza estructural de éstos, que pueden ser permanentes o no. En esta ocasión presentamos los más originales que se han realizado en los últimos cinco años.

5. El Eco Pavilion. MMX: In 2011, the Experimental Museum El Eco, launched a call for constructing a temporary pavilion in its yards, the contest was won by the firm MMX. Its design was simple: woven ropes that create some privacy in wide open spaces and conversed with Matias Goeritz architecture. It was exhibited from February 26, to 5 June 2011.

4. ICD-ITKE Pavilion: In late 2012 the Institute for Computational Design (ICD) and the Institute of Building Structures and Structural Design (ITKE), from University of Stuttgart completed a pavilion made of carbon fiber and fiberglass, which was built entirely by robots. The structure of the building is inspired by the exoskeleton of a lobster.

3. Coca Cola Beatbox Pavilion: Ccreated by architects Asif Khan and Pernilla Ohrstedt, and built to be part of London 2012 Olympic Park. Facade is made of two hundreds of ETFE cushions united as letters, they are integrated into the audio, lighting and sensors, allowing people to create a remix of Mark Ronson and Katy B.’s music. This structure remained during the Olympic Games in London.

2. Serpentine Gallery Pavilion: Sou Fujimoto was responsible for designing the summer house for this London gallery. He describes it as “a transparent ground”, and was made ​​of white steel bars 20mm wide, creating a sort of cloud. It was exposed from June 8 to October 20 2013.

1. Golden Moon Pavilion: It was made by LEAD for Lantern Festival in 2012, and was built in eleven days. Its structure mimicked the shape of flames representing the passionate love between the moon goddess and her husband. Its construction was a mix of traditional techniques and high technology. Only stayed for six days, but received more than half a million visitors in Hong Kong.

Source and images: ©LEAD, ©Serpentine Gallery, ©Asif-Khan, ©Universidad de Stuttgart, ©MMX

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