It starts with the unconformity at the place of origin, wanting more, feeling out of place. Then begins the desire to leave, see new things, leave behind… and so the journey begins, an adventure, a road, a car and a life lesson, that’s a road movie. This is now an international genre, but it was certainly in U.S. which had its origins and where it flourished greatly , and has proven to be a prolific genre. Here is a top 5 of the most representative films of the genre:

  1. Little Miss Sunshine (U.S., 2006):  This is the story of Olive 9 year old girl whose dream is to participate in “Little Miss Sunshine”, a beauty contest.
  2. Thelma and Louise (U.S. , 1991): Thelma, a passive housewife and her friend Louise, a waitress who has trouble to enjoy life, take the road in what appears to be an innocent weekend trip.
  3. Bonnie & Clyde (U.S., 1967): Based on the life and crimes of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Chestnut, this “gangster” style film tells the story of these lovers and their journey across the U.S. while rob banks and commit endless crimes.
  4. Into the Wild (U.S., 2007): “Happiness is only real when shared”. This is the conclusion reached after Christopher McCandless lonely journey.
  5. Easy Rider (U.S., 1969): A classic, it was an independent film that resulted in a total critical and box office success. Wyatt and Billy are two drug smugglers friends embark on a motorcycle journey across the U.S.

Source: 100 Road Movies, BFI Screen Guides, Jason Wood, images: ©Movie Poster Archive , ©Film Freak NZ 

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