1. Gabriel Dawe.  Through a careful and systematic method of construction, the Mexican artist , based in Texas, weaves kilometers of colored wires in installations called PLEXUS. Handled with care, the wires become the representation of colorful textiles, representing his native country.
  2. Toy Atlas Rainbow. The English artist David T. Waller is the creator of this installation called Toy Atlas Rainbow which is a chromatic circle made ​​with toy cars.
  3. Puente Xiying Rainbow. It is located in an elevated bridge in Magong County, Penghu in Taiwan. With a neon strip, the light creates a beautiful reflection in the water.
  4. Death Row (Venice Biennale, 2006). The Chilean artist Iván Navarro created an installation with 13 aluminum door with neon light, each creating an optical illusion, giving the effect of multiple corridors.
  5.   The Rainbow Room. Pierre Le Riche Pierre Le Riche used 17 km of different colors thick acrylic yarn, to represent an everyday scene.

Source and images: ©Gabriel Dawe, ©Toy Atlas Rainbow, ©Pierre Le Riche 

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