Pop Art challenged the traditions of fine art by incorporating the imagery of popular culture. This top will show the most influential pop artists:

5. Robert Rauschenberg: Known for his “Combines”, collages in which he employed non-traditional materials and objects in innovative combinations.

4. Jasper Johns: He was a painter and printmaker, a precursor of pop art, who used common iconic images such as flags or numbers, as a starting point for richness works full of  artistic complexity.

3. Claes Oldenburg: He managed to bring pop art to the masses by expanding everyday objects and their placement in public places such as the top of buildings and central squares or parks.

2. Roy Lichtenstein: He is one of the great figures in the Pop Art movement. His paintings inspired by comics, caricatures, washing machiness and baked potatoes are now considered classics of that era.

1. Andy Warhol: He is the most famous figure of this movement. In the 1960s he began to experiment with reproductions from mass-produced images of popular culture, such as Campbell’s soup cans and Coke bottles.

Source and images: © Robert Rauschenberg, © Jasper Johns, © Claes Oldenburg, @Roy Lichtenstein, © Andy Warhol, via:  Creativ bloq

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