The point and the circles are symbolic figures. The point is simply a mark that has no beginning or end, while the circle is a pattern that also lacks these elements. The first contains nothing but the second can serve as a feeling container. Here is a list of five emblematic works that have been made with dots or circles.

1. Yayoi Kusama . Since the 1970s , the Japanese visual artist creates installations like collage with painting with a saturated psychedelic style. Kusama has been characterized by her obsession with dot pattern.

2. Damien Hirst. The Englishman is one of the most prominent artist of the group “Young British Artists” since the early 90s. Undoubtedly, the color dots have been a recurring element in his work, as his Spot paintings.

Do you know that Hisrt is known as the best paid living artist?

3. Victor Vasarely. During the 70s, the geometric work of Vasarely (considered one of the fathers of op-art), formed an important part of popular culture and even generated great impact on architecture, computer and even fashion.

4. Wassily Kandinsky. Although his work did not revolve around the theme of the circle, it was one of his favorite shapes. His works with Concentric Circles, gave him a very representative sign of what this abstract artist wanted to bequeath to the history of art.

5. Jorge Robelo. In his Tridicromias, Robelo  leads the circle from to 2D plane to a 3D representation, where it goes beyond the supports and the limits of representation. The Galería Ethra recently presented Tridicromias.

Source and images: ©Yayoi Kusama, ©Damien Hirst, ©Wassily Kandinsky, ©Victor Vasarely©Galería Ethra.

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