With the launch of Flickr in 2004 was born a new generation of artists who saw in the social network the perfect platform to present their work. Many users began to open their accounts were not professional photographers and in the case of artists, most already had an extensive portfolio. The interesting thing was that, over almost 10 years, we have witnessed the beginning of new proposals and projects that are sometimes created on purpose, as in the case of the famous 365-focused portfolios to show real-time albums. Here are five young photographers, most do not have more than 20 years of age, who have become known thanks to Flickr and internet facilities. Besides the coincidence in their age, they all have in common their work with artistic photography.

1.- Alex Stoddard:

2.- Alexis Mire:

3.- Nicholas Scarpinato:

4.- Marwane Pallas:

 5.- Brian Oldham:

Source and images: offical sites of the artists

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