The testimonies of the musical icons of history have been recorded by the best masters of photographic art. We present a top 5 with the best photographers in the history of music.

1. Baron Wolman. Is an American photographer born in 1937, who works together with musicians and bands dating back to the 60s. Photographer Wolman achieved fame from his work for Rolling Stone magazine.

2. Jim Marshall. Through a career spanning 50 years, photographer Jim Marshall created hundreds of legendary images that have entered the public consciousness through journal articles, over 500 album covers and some books.

3. Neal Preaston. With a career that began at school, Neal Preston has of the biggest collections of rock photographs in the world.

4. Annie Leibovitz. Considered the most important living and better paid photographer, over her career she has photographed musical icons like Mick Jagger or Bob Dylan, with whom he made ​​some of his iconic covers for magazines.

5. Anton Corbijn. Is a photographer and music video director who began his career as a photographer during a concert in 1972.

Source and images: ©Baron Wolman, ©Jim Marshall, ©Neal Preaston©Annie Leibovitz, ©Anton Corbjin

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