We present you a top 5 with the most unique hotels we found… wine barrels, airplane cabins, capsules of a meter, observatories and a giant dog , what do you like most?:

  1. De Vrouwe van Stavoren. Located in the old fishing port dock Stavoren in Holland. This hotel offers a unique experience, as well as its common rooms, the hotel has four rooms that are wine barrels.
  2. Dog Bark Park Inn. For lovers of travel and dogs, the hotel’s architecture is as a beagle dog.
  3. Jumbo Hotel.. Located in Stockholm, the hotel is a plane shaped building. Its interior is furnished with original features such as oxygen masks, business class seats and others.
  4. Capsule Hotel. Kyoto hosts a defined by simplicity, Nine Hour Hotel, useful for running the core business hotel.
  5. Elqui Domos. The hotel considers the ways and philosophy of geodesic buildings.

Source and images: ©De Vrouwe, ©Dog Bark Park Inn, ©Jumbo Stay, ©Capsule Hotel, ©Elqui Domos

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