1. Saint Francis Convent: In 2003 the Municipality of Sampedor in Spain, decided to restore the church of Saint Fracesc convent located in the town. The project was stopped by lack of budget until 2011, year when the architecture firm David Closes started to work in the intervention and recovering of the space.

2. Golden House – Farm: The practice ODOS Architecture is in charge of ending the restoration and extension of a 18th-Century farm located in County Longford, Ireland. The area of 4840 sq. mt. embraces a town house known as “Golden House”, and barns called “The Other Side”.

3. Shoreham Street Building: In Shoreham Street 192, on the shore of industrial/cultural area of Sheffield, UK, is located a Victorian building of bricks that was recently transformed in a restaurant bar by the Architecture Studio Project One.

4. Wolzak Farm: Through a structure of precast wood, the firm SeARCH intervened an old farm from Zutphen municipality in Holland, and transformed it into a contemporary town house.

5. West Tower: With the aim of transform the West Tower of Huesca, Spain, the municipal archive, the local Town Hall commissioned the restoration of the structure to architects firm ACXT.

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