Mexico has been the birthplace of several world-class artists. Sculptors, painters, performance artists and architects highlighted by their work and his legacy. This time we present you with a top 5 of best Mexican architects have enriched the country with their works.

  1. Luis Barragán . Born in Guadalajara in 1902 and so far his great influence in Mexico is still in force. His work celebrates the beauty that blends with nature. His works include the  Casa Luis Barragán , a contemporary architectural work of major importance in the international context.
  2.  Mario Pani . Born in 1911 in Mexico City . Thanks to his unique architectural style, his works have become a fundamental part of the city, wherever we look any of his buildings can be welcoming us. His works include University City, the urban set Nonoalco, Tlatelolco, the International Airport and the National music Conservatory.
  3. Pedro Ramírez Vázquez . He was born in 1919 in Mexico City . He was autor of projects considered iconic in Mexico and overseas. Among his creations include the National School of Medicine, University City, La Torre Mexicana de Aviación, the Azteca Stadium, the wonderful Museo de Antropología and the Basilica of Guadalupe.
  4. Ricardo Legorreta. Born in 1931 in Mexico City. His great use of color, light and texture are the hallmarks that distinguish this Mexican architect who integrates design and aesthetics. Among his best known works are the Camino Real Hotel in Mexico City, the Papalote Children’s Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art of Monterrey MARCO.
  5. Teodoro González de León. Was born in 1926 in Mexico City. He is an architect and painter creator of numerous works and contemporary spaces. He’s famous for the use of concrete blocks chiseled huge minimalist, some authors called Brutalist. His works include Museo Tamayo Arte Contemporáneo and Museo Universitario Arte Contemporáneo.

Source and images: ©Teodoro González de Leon, ©Ricardo Legorreta, ©Pedro Ramirez Vazquez, ©Mario Pani, ©Luis Barragán, ©Camino Real, ©MUAC, ©Museo Tamayo, @Museo de Antropología, ©Casa Luis Barragán 

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