1. Airstream . Frank Bates devised a row of seven Airstream cars arranged in the same way in which monoliths of Stonehenge, located outside of his business, in tribute to the Cadillac Ranch.
  2. Generik Vapeur’s installation is a line of cars that appear to be hanging on a clothesline with giantic clothespins. The piece was part of a performance of the group, presented at the International Festival of the Arts in Flurstücke (2001).
  3. Toy Atlas Rainbow. The English artist David T. Waller, is the creator of this installation: a chromatic circle made ​​with toy cars. It was filed under the “Artsdepot open”, held each year in London.
  4. This installation does not have a specific name, but is known for its location. It is situated in front of the building of the CMP Block in Taiwan. It has two cars that have been consumed by vegetation.
  5. Cadillac Ranch. A piece of automotive art created in 1974 by Chip Lord, Hudson Marquez and Doug Michels. The cars used in this installation were restored, recovering their original colors added with graffiti.

Source and images: ©flurstuecke, ©CMP Taiwán, ©Roadtrippers

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