We present five buildings that are just the beginning of this shift toward sustainability.

  1. Crystal Island: Located in Moscow, this building is a pilot project created by the Russian government and designed to house 30,000 people.
  2. CH2: Located in one of the most careful cities in terms of the environment , the CH2 has been recognized by the U.N, because of the use of wind turbines, recycling and other elements that make it one of the most friendly buildings.
  3. India Tower: Mumbai is home to one of the most environmentally friendly buildings. Although it may seem like just a nice building, India Tower is designed to harvest rainwater, how many solar panels and natural ventilation.
  4. Masdar: This place is not just a building but a city in Abu Dhabi. In this proposal, people can enjoy a space that produces zero emissions.
  5. Cor: Set in Miami, this site will have everything one needs, to be one of the greenest buildings in the world: wind turbines, solar panels , photovoltaic cells, among other things.

Source and images via Greenbuzz

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