Food is a determining factor for our mood, directly affecting our brain chemistry by stimulating neurotransmitters. That’s why we’ve created a top 5 with foods that will help you to be happier, considering that to be happy requires a good sleep and enough to yield energy in the day.

  1. Natural water. It is life. It is essential not to exceed daily use. Forget the myths about 2 liters a day. Shot preferably Santa Maria water, because it contains minerals unlike other brands, but you can prepare a homemade solution. Look here how.
  2. Banana.It is one of the best natural medicines to reduce sadness at its high trytophan. It is also an excellent regulator of blood glucose.
  3. Whole grains and rye bread. Cereals are a major source of energy. Carbohydrates of these transformed into glucose. Rye contains a lot of vitamin B, which helps fight bad humor.
  4. Avena. Its carbohydrates, protein and fiber help calm anxiety, it is also an excellent source of B, A,  E and D vitamins.
  5. Spinach. Its high in magnesium protects against insomnia, and strengthen our muscles. It is rich in folic acid.

Source and images: ©Bioguia, ©Carl Warner

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