The femme fatale is a creation of the 19-Century in which the lethal nature of women is emphasized while her charming ways, destroying the will of any man. Artists like Waterhouse or Moreau gave life and strength these women in art through their uninhibited imagination that created these mysterious beings . We bring you the top 5 of the best representations that have been made in our view, about the femme fatale:

1. Lady Lilith. Dante Gabriel Rossetti: This pre-Raphaelite painting depicts perfectly the quintessential femme fatale, Lilith.

2. Salome. Gustave Moreau: History tells us that Salome was a beautiful woman, the daughter of Herodias and Herod Philip and thanks to her beauty and her irresistible dance, she managed to dazzle Herod so that he is given the head of John the Baptist on a platter, to satisfy her crazy love.

3. Mermaid. John William Waterhouse: Although at first, the hybrid were of woman and bird, the most common representation describes mermaids as beautiful women with fish tails instead of legs, a wonderful voice that could charm any man.

4. Pandora. John William Waterhouse: Waterhouse shows the moment where Pandora, the first woman created by Zeus to punish men, opens the box where all the evils of mankind were.

5. The kiss. Aubrey Beardsley: The climax of the wickedness of a woman portrayed in a scene, Salome kissing the head of John the Baptist. Such a beautiful woman who can not stand being rejected reaching the ultimate consequences. The very essence of the femme fatale.

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