Most of our time is for daily working hours and it is proven that a good working space and a good atmosphere, encourages creativity and productivity. Gray offices, boring, with spaces that define hierarchies among employees are gone. New generations spaces we work and motivate us to develop our ideas, to be independent, to work together and enjoy the process. For this reason, we decided to present a top 5 architecture and design offices which go beyond the conventional, not only an example of trends in these artistic disciplines, but also are fun, contemporary and traditional anything. In which you like to work?

 1. Google Tel Aviv:  The general concept, inspired by the cultural diversity of the region, was in charge of the firm Camezind Evolution in conlaboración with Setter Architects, and Studio Yaron Tal. Photographs © Itay Sikolski

2. Adobe Utah: In 2010, Adobe Rapt Studio commissioned for the interior design of their offices in Utah. The offices were opened in January 2013.

3. Annvil Riga (Letonia): The interior design firm Annvil began in 2013 with a new office designed by artist Anna Butele Lithuanian. Photos by © Ingus Bajārs

4. Yandex San Petesburgo: The Architectural firm Office Za Bor, designed the new offices of the Russian company Yandex. It was inaugurated in October 2012.

5.  Skype Estocolmo: Skype opened an office in 2011. Its design is by signing PS Arkitektur and graphics inspired by Skype, as its clouds. Photographs © Jason Strong

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